In a forward-flowing life, any kind of pause or stop can be seen as going backward. With this thought, we lock ourselves into a clock-like world, where we have to continuously moving forward, even if it means exhausting ourselves with things we are not passionate about and good at. And when we become all tired out because of this self-imposition, we run away and hide ourselves in a corner. This kind of life, though heavy and tiring, is still a better choice for those who do not have courage enough to overturn the old and fixed idea of life and self and to carve a whole new way for a better self.

One cannot balance your way out of this restrictive and fixated life. VEGA ZAISHI WANG 2016 S/S collection tries to transcend the restriction by setting aside the obsession over the forwardness of time, so as to depict the innate values of the self as something that cannot be infected by the judgements of the external world. Struggling to blend in the mainstream society is no better than to be different but the best of yourself. The independence of females is a quality that VEGA ZAISHI WANG endeavors to demonstrate in its collections. And with the independence Vega girls can be passionate, resilient, delicate, and so much more. VEGA ZAISHI WANG 2016 S/S collection is inspired by the power of will, showing refreshing works that bring you out of the heaviness of winter.